Summer Treats

Yesterday marked the first day of summer, and there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the blazing sun with a group of close friends. Since we already know what we’re wearing (yes, we’ve got our 2tee Couture cover-ups and dresses completely planned out), we decided to look for some treats to snack on while we’re lounging by the pool or hosting a summer party.

Browsing the web for some inspiration, we stumbled across some amazing ideas- like these watermelon ice pops.

Watermellon ice popsicle

Watermelon Ice Pops via Eat Yourself Skinny

Don’t you think these ice pops would work perfectly with these strawberry wine coolers?

Strawberry Wine Coolers via Annie’s Eats

We’re feeling refreshed just looking at these pictures. What do you think? Would you try these out? Do you have any other ideas for summer treats?

Complete instructions for the watermelon ice pops could be found at Eat Yourself Skinny and the strawberry wine coolers could be found at Annie’s Eats

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