How to Prep a Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Today we had our biggest shoot to date. While that’s great news, we have to admit we weren’t sure exactly where to start – especially with such a tight budget. So, how did we manage to pull it off?

Prepping for the shoot

We found a model using Model Mayhem. Models on Model Mayhem are just starting out (like us), so they will often times help you with more than you bargained for. This site is great for those on a budget and can’t use an agency. The beautiful Tawny reached out to us on Model Mayhem and we couldn’t have been happier to have her on board.

Tawny is wearing the 2tee Couture chain high-low dress

Once you have a model secured, it’s best to get a team if you can – a photographer, hair stylist and make up artist. Like models, you can find your team on Model Mayhem. We got lucky as one of our 2tee members is a photographer (she has a pretty fancy camera) and she was more than happy to take the photos for us. If you have a solid and professional team, everything else pretty much falls into place.

Tawny is wearing our new 2tee Couture sequined top

It is necessary to set the stage before the model arrives. Depending on the complexity of the shoot, the time it takes could vary. Our setup time ran 45 minutes since we chose to do our shoot in our warehouse which has white walls and an amazing flow of natural light. We had also planned our shots beforehand to make sure we got everything we needed.

Once the model arrives and goes through hair and makeup, you shoot away!

Tawny was incredibly easy going, which made shooting her a total blast. We can’t wait to work with her again.


The 2tee Couture Team

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