Restructuring Your Closet

White Wardrobe

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Designing clothing has its perks – we have a lot of clothes – but our closets tend to overflow after a while. And although we keep our closets neat and organized, we sometimes get lost in everything. With so many items in a closet, it’s hard to see (or remember) what you have.

Full Closet the coveteur

Image via The Coveteur

A while ago, we stumbled across an amazing blog post from Into Mind, which provides great advice on how to restructure your closet/plan a new one. Anuschka takes basic concepts from interior design and applies it to your wardrobe.

According to the blog, a closet has “parts,” just like a body:

  1. Head –  the extent to which your clothes match your lifestyle
  2. Heart – items that match your personal style
  3. Breath – the basics necessary to mix and match items in your closets
  4. Bones – the quality of the pieces

So how do all of these work together to create a more refined closet?

  1. Figure out exactly what kind of activities you need clothing for. If you expect to work most of the week, then it would make more sense to have more items for work than date night
  2. Determine your personal style and work around that
  3. Make sure you focus on getting key basics that will help you create new looks, such as a white top or black leggings
  4. Purchase quality items that will last a long time.

Image via Dress Design Decor

We love Into Mind‘s advice. Did you?

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