Olympics in Style


Vogue Olympics Editorial

Vogue “Country Strong”  Editorial

Once we saw Vogue’s “Country Strong” editorial featuring Team USA, we  knew we’d be in for a treat during the Olympics opening ceremonies. And we were right. This year, it seemed like each team was competing for the gold metal for the most fashionable team.

Ralph Lauren designed Team USA’s outfits. There are plenty of mixed reviews about his designs, but we love how he went for a clean and simple look.

Team USA, Olympics 2012

Team USA, Olympics 2012

Some teams looked like they came straight out of a fashion magazine.

Olympics 2012, Team Jamaica Outfits

Olympics 2012, Team Jamaica

Olympics 2012, Team France

Olympics 2012, Team France

Which one is your favorite?

You can view the entire Vogue Editorial here and other Team uniforms here.


The 2tee Couture Team

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