Get Creative: DIY Jewelry Wall Art

DIY Jewlery Wall Art

Image via 2tee Couture Team Member

We apologize in advance for the lack of photos to guide you through this DIY project – our team member did not expect her wall to become a blog post. However, we loved her new wall so much we had to share.

The good news? It’s so easy to make!

What you’ll need:

  1. Frames
  2. Spray paint
  3. Fabric
  4. Super glue
  5. Hooks

First you’ll need to find some frames. Our team member found her frames at the flee market for only $3-5 each. She chose ones that were similar, however, choosing different frames in different sizes could create an eclectic and fun wall. We leave that up to your imagination!

If you’re not happy with the color of the frame, its an easy fix with spray paint. Just remember to put some newspaper underneath! Our team member didn’t like the solid gold, she wanted it to look aged so she rubbed certain areas while the paint was wet to create an uneven look. It’s not visible in the image, but some areas of the frame look chipped.

Once the spray paint is dry, cut a piece of fabric the size of the frame and super glue it to the back. This part is important – make sure the fabric is stretched and tight so that it can hold the jewelry. Canvas works best because it’s relatively stiff, but easy to put earrings through.

Finally, find some wall hooks that you like. Arrange the frames and the hooks as you please, hang your jewelry and Voila! You’re done.

It’s really simple and gets your creativity juices flowing. What’s amazing about this project, is that you no longer have to hide your jewelry in boxes (no more tangled necklaces!!!). Your jewelry becomes part of your wall decor! Our team member mentioned that she no longer holds back on buying more accessories because she can finally see everything she has!

Send us your pictures because no wall will look the same. We really do want to see what you’ve created.


The 2 Tee Couture Team

P.S. We found this variation on Pinterest. We absolutely adore it!

Jewelry Wall Art

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