Abstract Chevron? Is that possible?

2tee Couture abstract chevron print dress

At 2tee, we constantly look for new prints.  What’s most important to us though – is the prints ability to catch someones eye. It has to be a print that is captivating, modern and on trend.

Where it may not be on the runways, chevron has been a big hit in clothing and home design as of lately (Pinterest is there to prove it). We found some great chevron prints for our Holiday/Winter 2012 collection – which we’ll share in the coming months – but this one was our favorite because it strays away from the generic chevron. We were so eager to see it as a dress that we pushed it earlier to be part of our Fall 2012 collection.

This print is not only up to date with Fall’s “it” colors, but it also incorporates various geometric shapes that make it far more interesting… Simply put: It’s captivating.

So in our opinion – yes, abstract chevron is possible and we love it!

What do you think of this print? Is it something you would wear?


The 2tee Couture team

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