It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

It’s raining in sunny Los Angeles today… ok, maybe since yesterday. The winter has finally decided to pay us a visit.



We’d say that many people in LA can’t stand this weather, but there is something about the rain that makes everything feel so warm and cozy. Yes, it’s wet and inconvenient if you need to walk a lot – but we’re in LA and we drive everywhere. So why no just enjoy it? Did we mention that we FINALLY get to wear our winter gear? We don’t have many opportunities to wear our cute coats, scarves and hats.


Singing in the Rain


The best way to spend your rainy days? Watching “Singin’ in the Rain” while drinking a cup of hot chocolate under a bunch of blankets. Classics never fail on these types of days.






We don’t mind being in the office today, we got a nice view of Downtown, Los Angeles from our windows… we might even be inspired by this weather.

2tee Couture Winter Poncho

2tee Couture Winter Poncho

Some of us are going home in a 2tee Couture sweater (like our winter poncho) to slip under their sheets for a relaxing evening. What do you prefer to wear on rainy days?

Enjoy the rain!


The 2tee Couture Team

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