Trend Alert: Snake Print

Snake print shoes

Who would have thought that a creature that sends shivers down our spines could inspire such beautiful clothing? When we see snakes, chances are we will run the other way. But when we see snakeskin print, we can’t help but get closer to it!

Snake print pants

What is it about snakeskin that is so intriguing? We’re betting it’s the texture it adds to any outfit. Yes, you can’t feel the texture on some prints, but the eye can see it. Its abstract pattern definitely attracts attention – especially if it is placed on pants or a top. If the snakeprint has neutral tones, we prefer pairing it with bright accessories like blogger above. It’s that no-effort chic look.

Snake print Pants

However, if the print has multiple colors or is bright, we suggest using solids.

snake print clutch

Christian Louboutin Snake skin Shoes

Unlike a loud pant or top, snakeskin  shoes and accessories provide a more subtle, yet very rich feel. Although we do admit, we’ve seen our share of really loud snakeskin shoes. Just check out these cowboy boots. They’re totally “look at me” shoes, but we LOVE them.

Snake print cowboy boots


We provided our girls with three options: the first is that more subtle snakeskin look. Our burgundy snakeskin leggings are a perfect match for the girl who is a little bit afraid of snake.

2tee Couture Snake skin print Leggings


The others – they’re a little bit more out there. They’re for the girl who wants to have some fun and stand out in the crowd.

2tee Couture Oversized ruffle top in snake print

2tee Couture Snakeskin Fringe Dress


Which one is your favorite?


The 2tee Couture Team!

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