How to Wear Mint and Coral

2tee Couture Ombre Dress

Ombre Dress in Coral

We’ve been following the trends for Spring 2013 and we’ve been seeing plenty of mints and corals. There is something about these colors that please the eye – not to mention the couple perfectly!

Some people are scared of mint because they think it’s a difficult color to match. We’re here to let you know it’s only a myth. Mint is both a gorgeous and versatile color. Some great pairings for mint:

Colors that match mint

Colors that work well with mint

Coral is a little bit more difficult to work with because it is such a bright color and you don’t want to add anything that will overwhelm the outfit. Nevertheless, we’ve got some ideas for you:

Colors that work well with coral

Colors that match Coral

Do keep in mind that our swatches are flat and have no texture. These colors work well once they are on an actual garment – whether it be a dress, top or bottom.

We’re excited that we were able to hop on board this trend with our mint and coral dresses. Here’s a little glimpse of what we have in store for you… We were inspired by ever-present ombre hair trends and instantly fell in love with this fabric!

2tee Couture Ombre Dress

Ombre Dress in Mint

3 thoughts on “How to Wear Mint and Coral

  1. I just read another blog with the colors for spring. They are colors that were popular in the 50s and with Monopoly money! I like them!

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