Printed Pants!

Image via A little Bit of Ash

Image via A little Bit of Ash

If you haven’t noticed, we are OBSESSING over printed pants or anything that looks a little bit out of the norm. Printed pants are made for girls who aren’t afraid to stand out in the crowd and add the fun factor to every outfit. We’re here to tell you that everyone should own at least one pair of printed pants to spice up their closet. If you’re scared of prints, opt for a different material than denim so that it stands out.

2tee Couture Spring 2013 Lookbook

How do you wear printed pants?

  1. Choose a solid top – Most of the pants, like our Aztec leggings, will have multiple colors which allow you to mix and match with a variety of different solids.
  2. Match them to three items in your closet –Try not to invest in pants with a color scheme that doesn’t match your closet. When choosing your pants/leggings, picture which three items in your closet could match them. Often, people purchase pants they like only to find out that they can’t pair it up with anything else!
  3. Do not wear it with another print – Unless you are an experienced fashionista, it takes a lot of practice and understanding of shapes and colors to match prints. Try to avoid the mixing them with other prints until you are 100% comfortable with it.
  4. Wear neutral shoes –  some choose to wear bright solid shoes like Beyonce does, but we prefer wearing neautrals – stick to whites, grays, blacks and nudes.
  5. Wear minimal accessories – you have two options for accessories. You can choose to wear one statement necklace – because it will be relatively far from the print, it won’t seem too busy. Your other choice is to wear simple and delicate jewelry such as a small pendant necklace and thin bangles. The choice is left to you, but remember not to take away from the print!
Mixing Prints

Image via NY Times

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