Behind The Lens: 2tee Couture Summer 2014 Collection

2tee Couture Dress

Summer is around the corner. Here at 2tee Couture we can hardly wait to reveal our summer collection. Inspired by bold prints, vibrant colors and eye catching details this summer we leave you styled to perfection.

Jaysen Turner Photographer

A 2tee Couture photo shoot wouldn’t be the same with out Jaysen Turner and his wonderful team of makeup and production artists.

2tee Couture Photos

A behind the scenes look at Becca striking a pose.

2tee Couture Photoshoot

We tapped into our inner flower child.

2tee Couture Photos

Can you tell we love to accessorize?

2tee Couture Clothing

Our model Becca was a pleasure to work with. Isn’t she gorgeous?

We even brought back fan favorites in new upbeat colors! The Joy shorts and Noa Top match perfectly!

The Dallas Diaries: 2tee Couture & Noa Elle Edition

Texas HeartDallas Market week was a whirlwind. The 2tee Couture summer 2014 collection was previewed for the first time and our Noa Elle line made heads turn. We want to share our photo diary with you and give you a taste of Dallas during Market Week!

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

The BEST part of Dallas Market Week was seeing all our customers stopping by wearing our collections!

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

Mavericks Game

Designer Sigal Levi posing in front of the new summer collections of 2tee Couture and Noa Elle!

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

Until next time Dallas, xoxo.




Summer 2014 Collection Inspiration’s

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Summer means freedom, taking it easy and basking in the sun light. While designing for summer 2014 we channeled our inner boho sun goddess and here is what she told us.

Beach Girls

Embrace the effortless chic beauties around the world.


Be bold and dream big.


Go for bright vivid colors.

Hippie Flowers

Give into your flower power inner child.

Beach Jewelry

Beach side trims rule summertime.

Beach Umbrellas

Live in the moment, take in the ocean breeze and enjoy life.

Noa Elle Lookbook: Desert Rose

 Presenting Noa Elle, a division line by 2tee Couture. Noa Elle pays homage to the intriguing bohemian woman with a modern romantic side. Where edgy meets delicate the ethereal collection is suitable for the “everyday woman” and made to be fallen in love with.

Lookbook Womens

“We are extremely grateful that the company is able to produce the new line, Noa Elle in the same city where we design. It makes all the difference to be able to contribute back to the city of Los Angeles since it was the inspiration for this line in the first place.” – Sigal Levi, Designer

Lookbook Womens

 Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Airy, dream-like “boho chic” style’s carry the budding new collection this spring. Every piece feel’s special and made with the intent to be worn over and over again. Noa Elle will now be available for purchase in stores nationwide and retailers can also place orders on the 2tee Couture website.

Spring Beauty Trends We Love

We know the winter cold is still lingering, but it’s never too early to start a check list of must haves for spring beauty. Here are our favorite trends to try when the flowers start to bloom outside.

Glowing Skin

Glowing skin will give you that beautiful effortless look that the season embodies.

Nail Art

The most popular trend is also a fun D.I.Y. project! Creative nail art dominated the runways this season.

Head Band Style

Boho style headbands are still trending. They work on every hair style length and have the ability to magically tame unruly hair in seconds.

Bobby Pins Hairstyle

Bobby pins are not so hidden anymore! These little guys take center stage this season.

Smokey Eye

Make a statement this spring by juxtaposing springs fresh styles with a seductive smokey eye. We just love the edgy and sweet combination of this beauty trend.