Lights, Camera, Style!

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We shot our Spring 2014 collection this week and captured some moments we would like to share with you.

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Our photographer Jaysen and designer Sigal teamed up to bring the 2tee Couture spring vision to life.

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We kicked it up a notch this season with gorgeous lace, vivid colors and boho inspired flair.

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Models Ineska and Becca.

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Shake, Shake, Shake!

One thing is on our mind today: FRINGE


Fringe Dress

Fringe has lasted through the ages – but has appeared in different shapes and forms. Why has it lasted for so long? Why do girls love pieces of thread hanging from their clothing? We’d guess it’s because fringe adds movement to anything it’s on. Rather than lying flat on the body, fringe moves with every step that you take. Some move softly, others more dramatic.

In the 1920’s fringe appeared in flapper dresses…

flapper dress with fringe

Can you imagine these ladies dancing the Charleston in these dresses? Because we certainly can.

flapper dress with fringe

Photo by Edward Steichen 1925

The next era that comes to mind? Think Janis Joplin.

Photo by Gianni Penati 1969

Photo by Gianni Penati 1969

Fringe was ever-present in the 60’s. Frankly, we like the bohemian feel of it all and love  that it still influences modern fashion today.

Fringe Pants

Bohemian fringe gives off this sexy-cool rock n’ roll vibe. It’s for a free-spirited girl who knows how to have some fun.

Fringe Dress

But today, fringe isn’t limited to the “boho-chic” look. It’s made it’s way to the runways and couture.

Fringe Dress

Fringe Dress

We’ve also seen it in more delicate forms. Subtle fringe, at times, is hardly noticeable, but it adds a little oomph and interest.

Fringe Skirt


We wanted to make a fringe dress that allows you to throw on some cowboy boots and have good time. What do you think?

2tee Couture Fringe Dress

2tee Couture Fringe Dress

Lets put it this way: you can’t go wrong with fringe.


The 2tee Couture Team