How to Transition into Spring

Winter is over in about 1-2  months (depending on where you live) and Spring’s warmer weather is quickly approaching. Here’s the problem: you have this serious urge to go shopping and buy something new. But what do you buy? Do you invest in something warm to wear for a month or two, or buy something for warmer weather and hold off on wearing it for a while?

None of those sound like something we’d want to do. Why purchase something you’ll wear a few times? Even worse – why buy something you can’t wear right away?

You really need to buy items that can work for both Winter and Spring. But how, you ask? It’s actually quit simple, and that’s because the rules we used to follow no longer exist. You can wear white in winter and black in spring. You can wear short dresses in winter and maxi dresses in spring. The trick is to buy items that can be layeredand since rules no longer exist – it’s a breeze.

Ways to Wear White

Ways to Wear White

Can I really wear white during Winter?! The answer is YES! Winter whites are beautiful and what’s great about the color is that it matches everything! People associate Spring and Summer with whites because of it’s fresh clean summer. We say, why not associate whites with snow?

So how do you wear a white dress like ours in the winter? Throw on a leather jacket with a darker hue, leggings and a super cute boots. If you want to wear white pants, it’s just as easy. You could still wear the leather jacket, but we think a coat may make it look more chic – or just invert the colors and wear a white jacket.

2tee Couture Winter Lookbook

2tee Couture White Lace Dress

Is there anything else you could wear besides white during this time? Of course there is. Aside from white pieces, you could add chiffon tops and dresses of any color to you wardrobe. These pieces are versatile because they can easily be layered and when the weather warms up a bit, the sheer fabric makes it easier to breath. Take for example our snakeskin chiffon top. This look is perfect year round! You can easily add a jacket to the look during the winter or wear it with shorts during Spring/Summer.

2tee Couture Oversized ruffle top in snake print


Don’t think too much about the colors. It’s all about the pieces themselves and if you can layer them up. You can always match brights with darks and choose which to focus on depending on the season.

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