These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Vogue Paris, November 2012

Vogue Paris, November 2012

We’re going to NFR in a few days and we’ll be seeing plenty of cowboy boots. Over here in Los Angeles, we don’t get to see them very often. We only see the boots with western “influence,” like these zara boots:

Zara High Heeled western Boots

Zara High Heeled Boots with Western Influence

Well, that’t not good enough for us. We want the real deal. So we’re thinking more along the line of Bodacious Boot Co. cowboy boots like these:

Bodacious Boot Co. Boots

Bodacious Boot Co. Boots

Cowboy boots are probably the most comfortable boots you could own (once you pass the stage of breaking them in) and they last you years. They’re the best bang for your buck. And lets face it – they’re just fun! There are so many colors and variations to choose from, that no matter your outfit, you’ll always find a pair to match.

2tee Couture oversized ruffle dress

2tee Couture oversized ruffle dress

Be careful though, cowboy boots do not work well with everything. We suggest pairing them up with a cute loose-fitting dress or some rockin’ skinnies.

2tee Couture Leggings and top


We love that some girls go the extra mile and wear their boots to weddings!

Cowboy boots on bridesmaids

We’ll be sharing with you our experience at NFR soon!

-The 2tee Couture Team



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