The Dallas Diaries: 2tee Couture & Noa Elle Edition

Texas HeartDallas Market week was a whirlwind. The 2tee Couture summer 2014 collection was previewed for the first time and our Noa Elle line made heads turn. We want to share our photo diary with you and give you a taste of Dallas during Market Week!

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

The BEST part of Dallas Market Week was seeing all our customers stopping by wearing our collections!

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

Mavericks Game

Designer Sigal Levi posing in front of the new summer collections of 2tee Couture and Noa Elle!

2tee Couture Dallas Market 2014

Until next time Dallas, xoxo.





2tee Couture at Dallas & Atlanta Market

Just recently the 2tee Couture team packed up and headed to the Dallas and Atlanta Apparel Markets. This year our team was blown away by the warm welcome and excitement surrounding the new Noa Elle line presented by 2tee Couture at Atlanta Apparel.

atlanta apparel market 2014

The people of Atlanta joined us in a stunning fashion show. The runway was taken over by 2tee Couture and the crowd was buzzing about the gorgeous devision line that is Noa Elle.

atlanta apparel market 2014

We were happy to see familiar faces. Cindy from True Blue Boutique stopped by Dallas wearing the 2tee Couture Savannah top! 2tee Couture designer Sigal Levi wore the new Taylor Tribal with white denim.

dallas market week 2014

Our customers always look beautiful in our clothing. We are extremely blessed to be able to meet them in Dallas! Mary from True Blue Boutique wore 2tee Couture’s Lilly top and designer Sigal Levi wore the Angel top.

dallas market week 2014

During Atlanta Apparel Vicki from Elite Tan stopped by and modeled the Carrie top. We love seeing customers looking beautiful in a 2tee Couture design!

2tee Couture Atlanta Apparel 2014

Both shows were a huge success and we could not have been happier. Below is the 2tee Couture team in action!

2 tee Couture Atlanta Apparel 2014

From the 2tee Couture and Noa Elle family we thank you all for letting us introduce our collections for Spring. We can not wait to see you all again!

How to Travel and Stay Fashionable

2tee Couture snakeskin leggings and oversized ruffle top

We’re going to travel a lot the next month, so we were inspired to share with you some of the tricks we learned a long the way. If you rarely travel, traveling can be fun and the excitement to go somewhere new keeps you surprisingly patient. However, if you travel a lot like we do, you may find that traveling can be exhausting and maintaining a routine that keeps you looking fresh can be hard – oh yeah, and packing gets pretty annoying too!

Luckily, we’ve found ways to travel and stay fashionable. Here’s some of the tips we’ve picked up along the way:

  1. Stay Comfortable – Try to avoid wearing jeans or anything that limits your ability to move. Instead wear leggings. The best part of leggings is that you can buy printed leggings, like our snakeskin leggings, so you don’t have to stick to those boring black ones!
  2. Avoid over-accessorizing – With the current security situation at airports, it’s probably best to wear minimal accessories because you’ll be taking it all off. We suggest avoiding belts and bracelets that have clasps. Additionally, choose shoes that can easily slip on and off.
  3. Stay Refreshed – Traveling  a lot have have a serious impact on your skin. All you need to carry in your purse is a toothbrush, moisturizer, mascara, concealer, lip gloss and a travel sized perfume. You don’t want too much makeup because touching up gets tedious and uncomfortable. These items serve as a way to touch up. If you’re traveling international flights, you may want to add a facial wash and a water spray like Evian Mineral Water Spray, which serves as a toner.
  4. Wear Dark Clothing –  This may seem trivial, but airplanes can get messy. We suggest wearing dark colors in case something spills – this is especially important on long international flights.
  5. Travel Light – Yes, we know it’s easier said than done (and it does take practice). The trick to packing light is choosing clothing that can be worn multiple times over the span of your trip. To do this, you’ll need to coordinate outfits and make sure that you aren’t packing something just because you like it. Those fancy shoes you want to pack because they’re pretty? Probably not a good idea. Instead, opt for a neutral colored top that could be dressed up or down like our oversized ruffle top.

We’ve traveled wearing our oversized ruffle top and leggings several times and we can definitely say that we felt great traveling. This time around, we’ll most likely sport our updated snakeskin leggings!

2tee Couture snakeskin leggings and oversized ruffle top

Do you have any travel advice you’d like to share with us?

Dallas Market Recap

Hey Everyone!

Last week we told you about our Atlanta experience and the next day we were on a flight to Dallas to display our Fall 2012 Collection. It’s amazing how cities can have different personalities and yet remain equally exciting.

We stayed at the Hilton Anatole (absolutely stunning hotel!) and upon arrival, we spotted two of our dresses in M Shop’s windows! Although we hear about our dresses in window displays, we never really got a chance to see it in person. It was such an amazing feeling to see such a lovely display.

2tee Couture Window Display

2tee Couture Window Display at M Shop, Hilton Anatole

Once we settled in, we went to set up our booth for the next day. It’s an exhausting process, but totally worth it once we see it finalized. Our excitement carried over from Atlanta and we hoped the Dallas crowd would feel the same way about our collection as the Atlanta crowd did.

2tee Couture Dallas Market Booth

2tee Couture Dallas Market Booth

2tee Couture Dallas Market Booth

2tee Couture Dallas Market Booth

When you go with a brand new collection, it’s always a nerve-wracking experience because you aren’t sure whether or not people would like it. After the first day, we were pleased to find out that the Dallas crowd loved our Fall 2012 collection (phew!).

After a long day of work, the Dallas Market treated all the exhibitors and buyers to a beautiful 1920’s themed cocktail hour with live models, a live band and delicious appetizers and drinks. We didn’t want to leave!

1920's Live Model

1920’s Live Model at Dallas Market

1920's Live Model at Dallas Market

1920’s Live Model at Dallas Market

1920's Live Model at Dallas Market

1920’s Live Model at Dallas Market

1920's Live Band at Dallas Market

1920’s Live Band at Dallas Market

People were dancing, people were laughing… Just having a good time!

And like always – we enjoyed our food in Dallas. We have to say there are fabulous restaurants in Los Angeles, but the restaurants in Dallas are something extraordinary. We had trouble deciding what to eat because everything looked so good!

To top it off, Dallas restaurants were on their A-game because of restaurant week, in which they offered customers a 3-4 course meal for only $35! For the entire week, you were able to have a meal worth $50-$100 (depending on the restaurant) for only $35!


Salmon Tartar at Steel Dallas

Salmon Tartar at Steel Dallas (the best salmon tartar we ever had)

Firey Hot Firecracker Roll from Steel Dallas

Firey Hot Firecracker Roll from Steel Dallas

We’re already missing Dallas – especially its food – and we can’t wait to be back in October.

See you soon!


The 2tee Couture Team



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