Behind The Lens: 2tee Couture Summer 2014 Collection

2tee Couture Dress

Summer is around the corner. Here at 2tee Couture we can hardly wait to reveal our summer collection. Inspired by bold prints, vibrant colors and eye catching details this summer we leave you styled to perfection.

Jaysen Turner Photographer

A 2tee Couture photo shoot wouldn’t be the same with out Jaysen Turner and his wonderful team of makeup and production artists.

2tee Couture Photos

A behind the scenes look at Becca striking a pose.

2tee Couture Photoshoot

We tapped into our inner flower child.

2tee Couture Photos

Can you tell we love to accessorize?

2tee Couture Clothing

Our model Becca was a pleasure to work with. Isn’t she gorgeous?

We even brought back fan favorites in new upbeat colors! The Joy shorts and Noa Top match perfectly!

Noa Elle Lookbook: Desert Rose

 Presenting Noa Elle, a division line by 2tee Couture. Noa Elle pays homage to the intriguing bohemian woman with a modern romantic side. Where edgy meets delicate the ethereal collection is suitable for the “everyday woman” and made to be fallen in love with.

Lookbook Womens

“We are extremely grateful that the company is able to produce the new line, Noa Elle in the same city where we design. It makes all the difference to be able to contribute back to the city of Los Angeles since it was the inspiration for this line in the first place.” – Sigal Levi, Designer

Lookbook Womens

 Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Lookbook Womens

Airy, dream-like “boho chic” style’s carry the budding new collection this spring. Every piece feel’s special and made with the intent to be worn over and over again. Noa Elle will now be available for purchase in stores nationwide and retailers can also place orders on the 2tee Couture website.

Noa Elle by 2tee Couture

We had a photo shoot… it was magical…dreamy…and down right stunning.

Noa Elle by 2tee Couture

Now, we have a big announcement to make.

Noa Elle by 2tee Couture

The 2tee Couture family welcomes a new addition: Presenting Noa Elle by 2tee Couture.


Born in Los Angeles Noa Elle pays homage to the intriguing bohemian woman with a modern romantic side. Where edgy meets delicate the ethereal collection is suitable for the “everyday woman” and made to be fallen in love with.

Noa Elle by 2tee Couture

Now that the secret is out, follow us on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram to see more of the Noa Elle collection.

2tee Couture at Dallas & Atlanta Market

Just recently the 2tee Couture team packed up and headed to the Dallas and Atlanta Apparel Markets. This year our team was blown away by the warm welcome and excitement surrounding the new Noa Elle line presented by 2tee Couture at Atlanta Apparel.

atlanta apparel market 2014

The people of Atlanta joined us in a stunning fashion show. The runway was taken over by 2tee Couture and the crowd was buzzing about the gorgeous devision line that is Noa Elle.

atlanta apparel market 2014

We were happy to see familiar faces. Cindy from True Blue Boutique stopped by Dallas wearing the 2tee Couture Savannah top! 2tee Couture designer Sigal Levi wore the new Taylor Tribal with white denim.

dallas market week 2014

Our customers always look beautiful in our clothing. We are extremely blessed to be able to meet them in Dallas! Mary from True Blue Boutique wore 2tee Couture’s Lilly top and designer Sigal Levi wore the Angel top.

dallas market week 2014

During Atlanta Apparel Vicki from Elite Tan stopped by and modeled the Carrie top. We love seeing customers looking beautiful in a 2tee Couture design!

2tee Couture Atlanta Apparel 2014

Both shows were a huge success and we could not have been happier. Below is the 2tee Couture team in action!

2 tee Couture Atlanta Apparel 2014

From the 2tee Couture and Noa Elle family we thank you all for letting us introduce our collections for Spring. We can not wait to see you all again!

Meet Jaysen 2tee Couture’s Photographer


Jaysen Turner is 2tee Couture’s photographer extraordinaire. We decided to interview him about his awesome job and his experience shooting our latest Spring 2014 collection.

Introduce yourself!

I grew up in Michigan but have been fortunate enough to travel and live all over the world. After several successful years in a completely unrelated field, I decided it was time for a change and began pursuing my passion for photography. Now four years later, I am very happy to be doing what I love.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 1.51.23 PM

What are the best and the most challenging aspects of your work?

The business side is definitely the most challenging. If I could have a camera in my hand every day of the year, I’d be the happiest person alive but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot of time to be spent running the business and figuring out how to get my work in front of potential clients. The best part of my job is working with people and being in a team environment. I enjoy overseeing projects from concept to completion and working with a team to move pieces around, plan, and implement until the whole project comes to fruition. The results inspire me to keep shooting!


Tell us about the last 2tee Couture photo shoot?

The 2tee Couture photo shoot was full of synergistic changes. There was opportunity for new relationship-building with members of the staff and we had a new model on set as well. I was extremely impressed with how efficient we all worked together and what had been produced by the end of the day blew me away. Model, Becca was amazing as always and Ineska did a great job jumping right in as the new face of 2tee Couture. The 2tee Couture team were clearly on top of their tasks prepping the pieces, keeping things organized, and styling the models. Michelle our makeup artist did a fantastic job with makeup and hair, the girls came out glowing. It was just the right attitude we wanted to convey for Spring. I have to give credit to 2tee Couture designer Sigal Levi the Spring 2014 collection looked incredible. The team is definitely upping its game and I found it extra inspiring on this past shoot. The designs, cuts, lines, colors, everything appear even more sophisticated and elegant than before and I’m excited to be involved in showing that off.


What are your goals for 2014?

My goals for 2014 is to continue growing my business and take on more clients in the fashion industry. I certainly enjoy being a photographer and working with different types of clients, however I particularly like relationships like the one I have with 2tee Couture. Shooting together on a regular basis helps me grow and perfect my craft. I aim to focus on editorials for websites, print marketing materials, magazines and beyond.


Where can people find out more about you?

Follow me on Instagram, at Best place to find my work is my website at and my occasional blogpost